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My Health & Fitness Goals

Like many people, my idea of physical perfection has varied throughout the years and as
I’ve aged, my health and fitness goals have changed.

Gone are the days of training with a focus on size/numbers. I now train to build and maintain a physique that is both aesthetically appealing and functionally strong. The years of meticulous calorie and macronutrient counting are behind me, these days I eat a more flexible diet, whilst maintaining healthy habits.

I am not a Body-Builder,
I am a Body-Sculptor.

My Journey

Having my own long and arduous health & fitness journey has gifted me with the ability to understand first-hand, the physiological and psychological challenges faced when trying to lose weight and gain weight.


As a young child, I developed an eating habit to cope with stress, which lead to a rapid increase of body fat. By the age of eleven, I was overweight and being bullied because of it. This lead to a psychological eating disorder, which caused me to lose a lot of weight,
but in an unhealthy manner.


After not prioritising my health for many years, I decided to research the various methods and techniques utilised by leading health & fitness professionals around the world.


Unfortunately, I made two very common mistakes that people often make as they enter the health and fitness world, which caused me to suffer with recurring Bell’s palsy. I fell victim to overtraining and the supplement industry. Underestimating the importance of rest and recovery, whilst also taking strong stimulant based pre-workout supplements (along with my daily coffee fix), were the main contributors to my five-year struggle with facial paralysis.


It was at age twenty-one, I fine-tuned my nutrition and focused on improving my overall well-being, by incorporating flexibility and mobility training via regular Yoga practice and exploring self-development through meditation. Fast forward almost a decade and I'm now healthier, fitter and happier than I’ve ever been. So, I made it my goal to share my knowledge and help the rest of the world live their best life!

To achieve this goal, I obtained my certifications in Personal Training and Nutrition, graduating with an over-all grade of above 95% and after discovering the importance of mobility and flexibility, I completed studies to become a qualified Yogi - graduating with an over-all grade of 91%. With the addition of this certification, I was bestowed the official title of Elite Trainer! Proving, without a doubt, that you will receive an elite level of service,
when you become a member of the PFP family.

My Journey
My Idea Of Perfection
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